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One of the most common causes of equipment failure in the home, at workplaces in offices and industrial facilities is the poor quality of electric power supply network. Despite the fact that most of these problems are not constant and occur periodically, they have a detrimental effect on many components of the devices plugged into the network. To protect the devices and storing information in computers in a power failure, the most commonly used uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
The purpose of this unit is to ensure system uptime during spikes, more or less hand strain. In addition, they allow you to operate the equipment for a certain time in stand-alone mode with full disconnection of power supply for proper completion of work.
In sale presents bespereboynik several types: offline (standby), interactive and linear with energy conversion. If the functions and design of each of the different types, how to use a UPS will be able to understand each.

Offline UPS mainly used to protect multimedia devices and home computers. In normal mode, the power is supplied from the network, and failures the equipment is battery-powered battery backup. This type of UPS has a low cost and is often used to protect household equipment.
Interactive line UPS allow for a more gradual stabilize the incoming voltage and ensure operation in a wide range. These devices are often used to protect office equipment.

The most advanced and most expensive, respectively, are bespereboyniki dual conversion. It allows you to instantly switch system failures in the power supply. This equipment is used to protect expensive high-precision devices, as well as those who are particularly sensitive to network irregularities.


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