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Venturi Defi Smart Contract Is Now On Cryptocurrency Investor’s Radar

Cape Coral, Florida, 18 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, VENTURI is now a household name as one of the best DEFI platforms out there on the Tron blockchain. 

The decentralized finance space has been a hybrid of both an innocuous and a disorderly location for some time since it went mainstream by cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

With the lack of Regulation by Regulatory code standards, the DEFI space has been somewhat of a Wild West scenario where Smart Contract Developers with ill intentions create contracts to heist investors’ funds. 

VENTURI came to the limelight because it was created by a community that was once rugged of their assets and as a result, the team has made a commitment to deliver on a unified dedication. They promised to have a passion-driven mindset and to eventually make sure a time came when Smart Contract Staking Platform could be trusted again. 

Hence, Venturi is now a platform where investors could easily sleep at night and rest assured their funds are Safe (SAFU). 

Venturi was assembled by the community – for the community, on the Tron Blockchain. 

Venturi Community Investors mostly came from a contrastive Project called GXY Staking Platform. This previous project had keen tokenomics but had an afflicted-minded Developer that eventually stole their funds from staking the GXY tokens. These tokens were not backed by the native currency Tron (TRX), which as result, sanctioned his gains with more dividends by manipulating the contract. 

The abominable developer, after thieving approximately $750k, then staked an immense amount of GXY tokens to harvest a new set of investors. 

Fortunately for the team a whitehat Dev was also an Investor of GXY, who thus had the motivation to become a leading role in the Development of Venturi. His essential goal was to make sure investors were not wounded yet again and could have a safe avenue to stake their funds.

As a result, a  revolution began to make this space authentic and safe for investors. With that in mind, the Venturi team wanted to make sure these factors were always followed within their organization:

• Venturi had to benefit GXY users and every other investor fairly 

• They had to acquire an authenticated Blockchain Development Team 

• Venturi had to be a self-sustaining platform allowing investors to join at any point and still get a fair share dividend. 

• The amount of stake time had to be considerably measured to avoid suicide staking. 

as the team wanted to stress the importance of the utilization of access control.

Investments have evolved over the millennia and now the 21st century has ushered in Venturi – made by investors, for the investors. This platform has allowed for a safe investment to be governed by a smart contract, allowing the trust to be built by the community day by day.

What is Venturi, you may be asked? 

Venturi is the future of Defi staking as it provides a solution to the issue that has gone astray in the decentralized space, to provide a riskless yet symmetrical platform that investors can trust unlike any other Decentralized Application (DApp) Staking Platforms.

Venturi by definition is a highly lucrative Staking DApp platform built on the Tron blockchain that adds a sustainable rereferral-based, low percentage staking platform and a local exchange in one unique circular ecosystem. 

Venturi is a fork of Decentralized Staking Platform (DSP) and GXY, but will not provide the same fate as those two projects had – as the Venturi team is one that can be trusted.

Initial Funding was raised by the Venturi Team 

Funding of Venturi was met by the development team and Venturi is diametric because it was built by the guards of these passionate crypto investors. 

It is a routine for staking platforms to give day 1 and day 2 funding from stake to developers- which is hardcoded in the contract and accepted by investors by design. 

This was not the case with Venturi. These first days were used to provide liquidity on JustSwap and some were used in a unique way to benefit GXY investors and then all other investors. Moving forward part of the 5% taken daily from the auction will be used for marketing, maintenance and a small portion to the devs. Taking only 5% from the daily auction instead of the standard 10% is another bonus for all investors in the platform.

Venturi took a different approach by listing $VENT which is the ticker for Venturi as a currency on Justswap at a fair price. 

VENT was also bought from the auction pool and staking pays out 8% interest daily over the 5.42% from other staking platforms. 

VENT Dividends are released by 95% per day of each auction and also penalties have been set in place to cut out bad actors, All these stipulations are built to boost the token price and 100% of all TRX penalties go out to support VentLink while all VENT penalties go to burn address, which decreases coin circulation and makes Venturi more profitable.

Venturi Tokenomics

Venturi generates interest through the idea of inflation of VENT and rewards. To minimize inflation and add a new twist to the gameplay, 80% of the VENT tokens are burnt after each stake ends. The Venturi smart contract doesn’t just pay out VENT it mints to reward stakes on five basic principles: 

 1. The amount of VENT staked by a user. 

 2. The total amount of VENT staked by everyone else. 

 3. The period for which the uses staked their VENT.  

 4. The VENT flat inflation rate which is compounded daily.  

 5. The amount of TRX paid into the auction contract.

Venturi Intriguing gamify concept 

Daily Auction Lobby 

There is a daily Auction lobby that starts from 2.5 million VENT tokens per day and is distributed between the investors that participate in the Auction based on their purchase amount. This will never reduce over the next 365 days to 1 million.

Daily Tron Dividend 

Every day 95% of the Auction Lobby will be allocated to users based upon their stake terms. 

New Gamify Theory 

Investors can roll ended stakes to VentLink, which is the only way to get in. 

If an Investor ends a stake early which is against the rule, there will be a penalty with a loss of VENT and TRX.


This is also known as the passive reward layer. 

Investors can choose to roll their completed stake into a 1% per day, 310% max passive income with up to 5 downlines.  

But, to pick the best entry investors have to choose their stake amount and length wisely! 

Investors must complete the active stake before rolling again. 

Venturi Exchange 

The game-changing transition of Venturi is the On-site Exchange that investors could easily swap Vent to TRX and many other common tokens. 

To conclude, Venturi in all fairness is unmatched by its prowess as a trusted DEFI staking Platform as it was built by the community for the community. As each day passes, the trust built in Venturi keeps flourishing daily. 

To know more about Venturi, go to their website https://venturitoken.io and make sure you do not miss the next Auction. 

Telegram link –  https://t.me/VenturiStaking

Website – https://venturitoken.io/

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Dave Ruiz

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