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The expert predicted the collapse of the Russian economy in case of victory, Biden in the United States

Photo: Syed Yaqeen/Global Look Press

If the presidential elections will win in the US, Joe Biden, and the majority in the Senate will belong to the Democrats, then Russia will face economic collapse and a long crisis. This is the opinion of financial analyst Dmitry Golubovsky.

According to him, Washington will again begin to tighten sanctions against Russia, which will lead to double-digit inflation rate in 2014.

But it will be for a long time. It won’t be as then: one hit and shock a year, then some rebound. No. The crisis will be permanent, — said it URA.RU.

The expert also suggested that the new us sanctions will cause devaluation of the ruble and a further decline in incomes in real terms.

The vote in the presidential election in USA took place on 3 November.

Wrote NEWS.ru according to preliminary data, the leader Biden, who voted for 49.8% of the vote. Incumbent Donald trump won 48.6% of the vote. In addition to the President, in the US Americans elected senators, members of the house of representatives and governors of the several States.

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