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The dollar fell and reached 77,33 ruble

Photo: Sergey Bulkin/NEWS.EN

At the opening of trading of the Moscow Exchange the dollar fell by 0.1%. The U.S. currency reached 77,33 of the ruble.

Based on data from trading platform 10:00 GMT, the Euro fell 0.06%. The single European currency at a specified moment 91,955 of the ruble.

After 35 minutes the dollar fell 0.7 percent to 76,865 of the ruble. The Euro has edged lower by 0.69% to 91,375 of the ruble.

The price of January futures for Brent crude on the ICE futures exchange in London rose to $40,30 per barrel. The figure rose by 2.15%. WTI — $38,31 per barrel. Fuel price increased by 2.19%.

Immediately after the opening of the Russian stock market there was a growth in stock indices. Indicators of Masuri reached the level of 2919,08 points (+0,81%) and the RTS — 1187,84 points (+0,81%). These data were current as of 10:00 MSK. By 10:35 GMT stock indexes accelerated growth index Mosberg traded at 2919,58 points (+0,83%), while the RTS index rose 1.5% and was at the level of 1196,09 points.

As previously reported NEWS.ru in the framework of preventive measures to reduce volatility, the Bank of Russia sold on domestic market currency calculations 6 November in the amount of 9.5 billion rubles.

According to Central Bank data, the volume of currency sold by the Central Bank with the calculations on 5 November amounted to 9.6 billion roubles.

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