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SIBUR has opened a center for the development of engineering and technical expertise SIBURINA

Tobolsk, 23 Oct – IA Neftegaz.RU. SIBUR has opened an innovative Center of development of engineering and technical expertise SIBURINA. The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of science and higher education, V. Falkov, a Russian presidential aide Andrei Fursenko, Governor of the Tyumen region A. Moore, Chairman of the management Board of SIBUR Dmitry Konov, CEO of the Union Young professionals” (WorldSkills Russia) R. Urazov, as also other representatives of business, science and government.

In continuation of the ceremony included a panel discussion where representatives of government, business, science, and technology partners discussed the key challenges facing industrial companies in the development of engineering and technical expertise.

SIBINTEK – unique from the point of view of scale, and filling the training centre, which aims to systematically address the task of improving engineering and technical expertise.

More than 5,000 m2 complex filled with advanced equipment from leading developers of “smart” technologies and solutions for industrial manufacturing.

Among the technological partners of the project include global brands such as Festo, Siemens, Yokogawa, Schneider Electric.

The training system, presented in the center, fully compliant with the latest samples of equipment that is used including industrial facilities of SIBUR.

In the future this should allow the students to immerse themselves in the production process at the stage of learning.

The centre for the development of engineering and technical expertise will be a key educational area for development of professional skills and competencies of engineering and operating of the businesses of the company.

In addition, the scale and opportunities Ciborinia allow you to organize programs of training for specialists from other companies domestic oil and gas sector.

Also, the centre plans to conduct profiling courses for students of universities, technical schools and colleges – partners of the company.

At the centre for advanced training open lab using advanced digital solutions, Industry 4.0, virtual technology and augmented reality.

Modern equipment and sites for practical training exercises helps to recreate the conditions of the real enterprise in such areas as:

  • Mechanics,
  • Metrology,
  • Energy,
  • Labor protection and industrial safety,
  • Technology and production,
  • Production analyst.

According to V. Falkova, the opening of the center will serve as a powerful incentive to increase the prestige of engineering occupations and will attract talented young professionals.

In addition, because the center implemented educational programs for students, it will bring a new qualitative level of development of practice-oriented education and train professionals with advanced knowledge and skills not only in the field of petrochemistry, but also digital technology, industrial safety and other related fields.

In the future the center could become a base for the creation of innovative scientific and technological cluster in the field of modern petrochemistry.

In the educational programs Ciborinia – practice-oriented training, where 20% are theoretical classes and 80% practical.

The training is conducted by teachers from among company employees and invited experts from the leading technical universities of Russia and abroad, representatives, licensors, developers of chemical technology.

SIBINTEK – platform for training of highly qualified specialists of a new format.

Schoolchildren, students of colleges and experienced professionals can be trained and practice with modern equipment that fully complies with the advanced production technologies of SIBUR.

As noted by the Governor of the Tyumen region A. Moore, the center will produce trained staff who do not need to complete their education under the standards of the innovative production.

Training grounds, laboratories, simulators and actual production cases will be involved in joint programmes of educational institutions of the region.

Already in 2020 on the basis of Seberiniho will be competitions WorldSkills Hi-Tech (national championship of working professions-tech industries) 5ti competencies:

  • Additive technologies,
  • Wiring,
  • Labor protection,
  • Environmental protection and
  • Laboratory chemical analysis.

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