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Rosneft has started selling a fuel Pulsar in Khabarovsk Krai

Pulsar contains detergent additives that provide clean fuel system and reduce the formation of deposits in gasoline engines.

Syktyvkar, 12 Nov – IA Neftegaz.RU. RN-vostoknefteprodukt, daughter of Rosneft, expanding sales of branded fuel Pulsar in the far East. Earlier Pulsar 95 went on sale in the Primorsky Krai, now the implementation of fuel with improved characteristics started at key petrol stations (gas stations) in the Khabarovsk Region.
This was announced by Rosneft.

Fuel Pulsar is manufactured using high-tech equipment being sold in the retail chain of Rosneft in 31 regions of the Russian Federation – from Saint Petersburg to Primorsky Krai.

Fuel Pulsar is the result of a program of Rosneft for the modernization of its refining capacity and its tank farms, aimed, 1Yu turn, to increase consumer qualities of motor fuels.

Pulsar contains detergent additives that provide clean fuel system and reduce the formation of deposits in gasoline engines.

Use of fuel with detergent components increases the service life of the engine thanks to the most efficient combustion of the fuel-air mixture and reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Petrol Pulsar is fully consistent with the latest requirements of the worldwide Fuel Charter, as evidenced by the results of the tests performed in Germany (Ludwigshafen).

Pulsar provides:

  • 100% maintaining cleanliness of the injectors in engines with direct injection;
  • the removal of up to 84% of existing deposits on intake valves are already over 60 hours of work (for pre-owned when switching from conventional gasoline to Pulsar).

The results of the testing, qualification and laboratory tests showed that motor gasoline Pulsar meet the stringent requirements of world car manufacturers to the quality of motor fuels.

However, petrol Pulsar on average more expensive than other fuels Rosneft.

How it will be in demand at the gas station the Far East hard to judge, because in DFO, and so are some of the highest prices at the gas station due to problems with fuel supply.

RN-vostoknefteprodukt – 1 of the largest sales subsidiaries of Rosneft.

Supplies and selling oil products to the fuel market of the far Eastern regions, Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai, Sakhalin and Amur regions, the Jewish Autonomous region.
The retail network consists of 84 stations/filling stations.

RN-vostoknefteprodukt 1m enterprises of oil products Rosneft has implemented the target program of automation of measurements and quality control of commercial products.

An important direction for further development – implementation of the filling stations operating in automatic mode.

To date, built and put into operation 9 automatic stations.

Also on the territory of the far Eastern Federal district is planned the construction of a modern petrol stations with an expanded range of services to consumers.

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