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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Rosneft has developed a technology for the production of isopropyl alcohol on its own heterogeneous metal-containing catalyst

Moscow, 23 Okt – news Agency Neftegaz.RU. Scientists of RN-tsir has developed an innovative technology for the processing of acetone produced in the perimeter of Rosneft in the high-margin product – isopropyl alcohol (IPA), much of which is currently imported to Russia via imports. The technology involves the hydrogenation of acetone on its own heterogeneous metal-containing catalyst derived from available in our country of raw materials.
This was announced by Rosneft.

IPS will be used as a de-icing agent in the manufacture of automotive antifreeze wiper fluid high quality non-odor (unlike IPS derived from propylene) for a retail network of petrol stations (gas stations) to Rosneft.

IPS also included in the composition of the solvents, reagents, and range of cosmetics.

In addition, he is a highly efficient antiseptics are designed to combat the spread of infections, therefore it is expected significant growth in demand for IPS in Russia and in the world.

For example, Tatneft in April 2020 during 1th wave coronavirus has already started the production of antiseptics for hands with the use of isopropyl alcohol.

Construction of industrial unit for production of IPA from acetone and installation for the production of wiper fluid on the basis of their own IPS planned for the site of the Novokuybyshevsk petrochemical company, subsidiary of Rosneft, with relevant petrochemical profile.

The technology of obtaining IPS by hydrogenation of acetone is widely known for a long time.

The cost of recycling acetone is small and practically is determined by the cost of hydrogen.

On average, the proportion of the cost of the acetone in the cost of IPS is about 80%, so this technology is beneficial for companies possessing a cheap acetone.

Incorporated center of research and development (RN-CIR) – research Institute of Rosneft, has applied developments in the oil and gas industry in the fields of oil refining, oil and gas chemistry.

The Centre conducts research in the field of the most promising technologies for the refining and petrochemical industry, developed long-term strategic projects based on deep analysis of modern trends of development of the oil and gas industry.

RN-tsir fully complies with international standards for R&D (research and development) centers of large industrial companies

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