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Monday, May 16, 2022

Roskoshestvo reported fake cheese cheese in the stores

Photo: Sergey Lentyugov/NEWS.EN

In Roskoshestvo reported that he found the fake in the study presented in the Russian market of cheese curds.

The Department indicated that one of the brands in the production of which was previously detected E. coli, now put on the market fake products.

If in 2019, the rating was cleared for the presence in the product of E. coli, in this year of bacteria of group of intestinal sticks not already identified, but the cheese is still worth 0 points in composition were detected phytosterols. That is this product contains milk fat substitute, not stated in the labeling, and, therefore, is a fake, — note experts Roskoshestvo.

At the same time, the Agency has indicated that other manufacturers of cheese curds improved the quality of the products and took into account the claims of Roskoshestvo the audit in 2019.

Earlier NEWS.ru wrote that Roccacasale appreciated products of the Russian manufacturers of wines.


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