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Republic popular translated the 4th installation for the production of environmentally friendly component of gasoline on a catalyst Rosneft

This is 4-I process unit Republic popular where Russian catalysts have successfully replaced expensive imported analogues.

Ryazan, Nov 6 – IA Neftegaz.RU. Ryazan refinery (Republic popular), daughter of Rosneft, converted the catalytic reforming of gasoline for the catalyst of production of own production.
This was announced by Rosneft.

This is 4I process unit Republic popular where Russian catalysts have successfully replaced expensive imported analogues.

Translations into catalysts for their own production began in the Republic popular in 2016

A catalyst for catalytic reforming for the production of the Angarsk plant of catalysts (ACP), subsidiary of Rosneft, provides the fastest way for chemical reactions in the process of refining.

It is a key element in the production process of commercial gasoline of Euro-5, as well as innovative gasoline Rosneft – AI-100 and eco-friendly Euro-6.

The catalyst has high characteristics at the output of the catalysate from hydrocarbons, as well as for stability of operation.

The technology of application of the domestic product Republic popular allows to improve consumer properties of motor fuels.

The octane number of the resulting catalysis is more than 95 points by the research method.

In 2018, Rosneft has also started to use the catalysts of the Agency installations for hydrogen production at the Kuibyshev refinery.

Earlier the same Angarsk catalysts replaced with imported analogues the steam reforming of methane for hydrogen plants of the Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim, Bashneft-NOVOIL refinery and Syzran.

The share of own catalysts for steam reforming hydrogen production at the refinery Rosneft has reached 77%.

The current program of innovation development of Rosneft aimed at substitution of imported technologies in the production of high quality oil.

1th of the main tasks of the program is the transition refineries (refinery) Rosneft to use the catalyst of its own production, allowing you to avoid the risks of dependence on foreign products.

Moving to self-catalysts allow Rosneft to reduce the reliance on imported goods, reduce costs and optimize the production of high quality, environmentally friendly fuel.

So, in December, 2019 Republic popular completely switched to production of high-octane gasoline with improved ecological and operational properties of AI-95-K5 Euro 6.

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