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Remy Kid Is Set To Drop A New Mixtape This Month

Remykid is a British songwriter and rapper in Lewisham, South-East London. Her kind voice style has been influenced by singer Lil Wayne and UK singer Not3s. The Nigerian Remykid gem has a significant impact on his sound and his growth in London. He draws on Afro-beat and the difficulty of creating his sound combined with AfroBashment and Urban Pop.

Martins Osamudiamen (born March 24, 1995), better known by his stage name Remykid. His songs include “Death Vibe” and “Bonivita”, both of which are tracks written on his first EP Album.

His song, “Go Down”, co-produced by Tek & Darrella, has been described as popular and has benefited the rapper. and his most famous song, “Death Vibe,” Got the attention of Londoners. In 2020 he is back with an amazing album Rebirth you’ll surely love.

Hello Remykid! How are you doing?

Remykid: I’m good, and I’m good as usual

When / How did you start/get into music? 

Remykid: I started making music when I finished High School. I was about 15-16 years old at the time. I started raping and trying to make a deal And got into making good music in 2017.

What is your biggest inspiration for your music?

Remykid: My Greatest Motivation was the Art behind my music and all the Great Music Art much inspired me.

What’s the most challenging topic you’ve ever written about?

Remykid: A type of song that hits or bounces

It is challenging and time-consuming.

What is the most outstanding achievement you have ever achieved?

Remykid: Being Able To Do What I Love To do most of what makes music.

Are you planning to release new music soon?

Remykid: Yes, I am, and I am releasing a fan project

What’s next for you?

Remykid: After the Next Music Becomes an Entrepreneur, Running a Music Business.

Thanks for the great chat. We wish you the best of luck in the future.

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