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Police allege Colorado driver attempted to evade a DUI charge by swapping seats with their dog

Colorado driver attempts to elude arrest by swapping seats with dog, say police

According to law enforcement, a driver in Colorado, who was pulled over for speeding, made a peculiar attempt to avoid arrest by switching seats with his dog in the passenger seat.

The Springfield Police Department detailed the incident in a Facebook post, stating that the driver was initially stopped for traveling at 52mph (84km/h) in a 30mph zone. Authorities also determined that the driver was under the influence of alcohol.

As the officer approached the vehicle, they witnessed the driver’s unusual maneuver of trying to exchange positions with the canine passenger. The police department described the entire process in a statement, noting that the driver then falsely claimed he was not the one operating the vehicle and subsequently attempted to flee when questioned about his alcohol consumption.

However, the escape was short-lived. Law enforcement reported that the driver, whose identity remains undisclosed, was apprehended within a distance of 20 yards from the car. He now faces charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and speeding. Following the arrest, the driver was first taken to the hospital before being transferred to jail.

As for the dog, whose name was also not provided by the police, it was entrusted to the care of an acquaintance of the driver while he serves his sentence. In a lighthearted manner, the police department humorously stated that the dog does not face any charges and was released with a warning.

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