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On Stage Clash Between Band Members Halts Gig, Reports The View

During a recent concert at The Deaf Institute in Manchester, a shocking altercation took place between members of the band, The View. Lead singer, Kyle Falconer, apparently threw a punch at the band’s bassist, Kieren Webster, causing the gig to come to an abrupt halt.

Fans who had eagerly awaited the performance were left stunned by the disturbance, which was captured in footage shared on social media. Saffie Yates, one such fan who had waited six years to see the band, initially thought the altercation was part of the act but quickly realized the seriousness of the situation.

In her own words, she described the incident as “very scary” and “disrespectful” towards someone she had respected as an artist. According to Yates, Webster had wanted to play a third song in honor of his birthday, but Falconer took exception and threw a punch at him.

The altercation resulted in the band leaving the stage and leaving fans hanging around in anticipation of what would happen next. While the motive behind the clash remains unclear, it is clear that this was not a staged event and the fans who had waited for so long to see the band were left disappointed and concerned about the future of the group.

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