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On Kamsky hydroelectric power station has replaced the hydro-mechanical equipment

Specialists replaced the paddles of the Weir and turbine chamber, the caps of the Weir.

Perm, 14 Nov – IA Neftegaz.RU. On Kamsky hydroelectric power station completed the replacement of all hydro-mechanical equipment.

This was reported in the press service of RusHydro.

Specialists replaced the paddles of the Weir and turbine chamber, the caps of the Weir.

The work was conducted in the framework of the comprehensive modernization Program (PCM) of hydropower plants of RusHydro.

Hydromechanical equipment allows us to do safe exploitation of hydroelectric power.

The gates of the Weir are responsible for the passage of water past the turbines during the passage of floods and floods.

The paddles of the turbine chamber to isolate the unit from the water that is necessary for the repair.

At the Kama hydroelectric power station has a feature – the building of hydroelectric power station combined with overflow dam.

The roof of the turbine hall at the same time – the spillway, the water is passed over the working hydraulic units.

To provide access to the generating units when they are repaired or replaced in weirs arranged openings closed by a tight cover of large diameter.

Only the Kama hydroelectric power station has 23 sets of hydromechanical equipment and hydraulic units.

The replacement of this equipment was conducted for the first time in the history of the station.

Specialists carried out the replacement in stages over more than 10 years.

In the course of modernization used modern materials and equipment which has high reliability.

New equipment can be operated at low temperatures, in structures of widely used corrosion-resistant steel.

Nodes slide made from polymers having a low moisture content, which minimizes the risk of jamming of the closures in the slots.

Kamskaya HPP is the first HPP of RusHydro, which in the framework of PKM has been updated all the units and the replacement of turbines, reconstruction of generators.

As a result the installed capacity of the Kamskaya GES increased by 69 MW, or 14% of the original performance.

Also earlier had been replaced by power
transformers, reconstructed switchgear and equipment
own needs of the plant.

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