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Oil exports via the Transneft pipeline system in October 2020 fell by 20%

While oil exports to Belarus increased by 28.5%.

Moscow, 2 Nov – IA Neftegaz.RU. Oil exports via the system of trunk oil pipelines (MNP) Transneft in October 2020 fell by 20% in comparison with October 2019 (YoY), to 17.4 million tonnes.
This was reported by press Secretary of “Transneft” Igor Demin.

Thus, despite the decline in exports was above the expected level.

The supply of oil to refineries (refinery) in Russia fell by 11%, to 18.2 million tonnes.

Through the sea ports was exports fell 35% to 8.3 million tonnes.

Oil export via MNP Friendship decreased by 6% to 3.9 million tonnes.

Deliveries to China fell by 1% to 3.5 mln t, including a branch from ESPO to 2.7 mln tonnes via Kazakhstan – 856 thousand

In October 2020, Belarus increased the import of Russian oil, while in September 2020, it declined by 8% YoY – to 1.46 million tonnes.

To the Republic from Russia was shipped 1.6 million tons of oil that is by 28.5% more than October 2019, including the Mozyr oil refinery – 740 thousand tons (+72,3%), Naftan (Novopolotsk NPZ) – 827,8 thousand tons (+4.8 per cent).

The volume of exports along the Transneft system was affected by the new agreement, OPEC+ on the reduction of oil production, which entered into force on 1 may 2020.

In addition a significant contribution is made by the reduction in demand due to the 2nd wave of the pandemic coronavirus.

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