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Newton Teen Author Tackles Old Problem in New Way

In his book “A World Split in Two: Generational Division,” author Leo Liu examines the classic problem of a division between generations, and comes to the conclusion that it might be worse now than it has ever been in the past. With a strong mind for details and wonderful storytelling ability, Liu paints an image of the youth in America who have been thrown into a complicated situation, and tries to calculate a way out of it all.

United States, 1st Jan 2023, King NewsWire One of the classic themes in media and art, no matter what era, is the conflict between generations. No matter what the age is, the older generation is going to run into problems with the younger. In the book “A World Split in Two: Generational Division,” author Leo Liu, only 14 years old at the time of the book’s publication, offers a look at the issue from Gen Z, and makes a compelling case that this conflict may be different now that it has ever been before.

Throughout “A World Split in Two,” Liu explores various facets of society that have been impacted by generational conflict, and illustrates how this conflict is a detriment whenever it appears. Liu goes on to explore the foundations of this conflict, and the factors unique to the modern era that he believes are exacerbating it: part of his core argument presented in the book is that with the new age of technology and mass media, younger generations are experiencing reality in a completely different way for their predecessors.

One of the most interesting chapters of the book comes at its midpoint, when Liu breaks the established conventions of his addressing-an-issue-a-chapter format to paint a vivid, detailed image of his life up to the point of writing, and the journey that led him to become passionate about fighting against Generational Division. The chapter is riveting, and almost makes you want to go back and reread some of the passages with the new knowledge of Liu’s story. With this chapter, Liu proves that he can not only function well as an essay writer, but as a storyteller as well.

“A World Split in Two” gains its power because as the book progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that Liu cares deeply about this subject, and has an investment. In Generational Division, Liu sees his own generation being denied opportunities by an older one that inherently cannot understand the concerns of the younger, or else just views them as being superfluous. True progress and healing, Liu says, can only come by the Generations meeting and understanding each other, and finding something mutual to agree on.

“A World Split in Two: Generational Division” is a book that is worth reading because it takes a look at a classic problem from an entirely new perspective. It’s clear that the author has done his research, and at only 14 years old, he is most definitely someone to keep an eye out for. Liu clearly believes that we can change this world if we work as hard as we can, and if he keeps writing books like this, that might be possible for him.

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