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KIM in the medical industry | HiTech-News.ru

The medical industry is one of the most diverse and complex areas of activity where the application of control and measuring machines not just the desire of the manufacturer to ensure the competitiveness of production, but the need — from precision measurements, product quality and controllability parameters of products may depend human life. The use of modern Metrology technology and registration systems allows to observe the high standards of the medical industry, producing goods of the following types:

surgical instruments;
therapeutic and orthopedic implants and prostheses;
machines for production, packing, labelling of medications;
the figurine components for pharmaceutical equipment (press, molds, Cams, shafts, cores, etc.);
objects of biomedical technologies and bioengineering;
and more.

High-precision coordinate measuring machines are used for:

Quality control precision metal parts, non-contact scanning and optical measuring small or fragile, polished or soft parts, including elements, which are not suitable for studies of the contact methods.
Monitoring performance of the production line and data logging for monitoring. Logging allows you to identify a failure on production lines and defective parts and products directly when they appear.
Design of complex tools for the formation of parts of arbitrary shape.
The implementation of control operations, various types of special measurements, the programmed measuring processes and final inspections.
The stability and consistency of technological processes, reducing the complexity and time-consuming.

Settings KIM
Measuring machines can provide:

several levels of precision – from normal to very high precise, define the spatial error of length measurement (E) and spatial uncertainty feelings (R);
high-speed scanning (up to 200 points per second);
the versatility of the measurement technologies for each type and variety of materials from high strength parts to fine-grained and easily deformable surfaces.

Automatic processing with the use of special metrological software, various types of equipment (scanners, multi-sensor and optical system, probes, etc.) is an important component of KIM. The availability, functionality and values of these parameters the final price depends on coordinate measuring machines. Using KIM in the medical industry allows us to manufacture high quality products at lower labor costs and the cost of the product due to minimization of production resources.


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