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In the dark. The Deputy of Parliament of Berlin has explained why Germany need Nord stream-2

G. Lindemann is convinced that only cheap gas supplies from Russia can provide power to Germany in the long term

Moscow, 20 Okt – news Agency Neftegaz.RU. Without Russian gas, Germany would be in the dark so the project Nord stream-2 is required for Germany.
This was stated by the Deputy of the Parliament of the Federal state of Berlin from the party Alternative for Germany (ADH) G. Lindemann in an interview with the Evening Moscow.

Abstracts from G. Lindemann:

  • the rejection of the construction of the gas pipeline and deliveries of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US will lead to sharp growth of prices for energy,

  • electricity and energy in Germany is already twice as expensive as in other countries of the European Union,

  • it will hit ordinary German citizens whose income is already affected because of the restrictions on the background of the pandemic coronavirus,

  • just cheaper gas supplies from Russia can provide energy supply in the long run

  • this is exactly what ADH has long urged,

  • Germany need Nord stream-2, because without Russian gas, the Germans will be in the dark.

G. Lindemann, a famous politician in Germany.
In particular, G. Lindemann is opposed to US intervention in the Affairs of Germany, the influx of migrants into Germany and the war in Ukraine.
The politician made several visits to the Crimea and the Donbass.
In the Donbas G. Lindemann visited in 2018 as an observer in the elections in the DNI, at the beginning of may, 2019, as part of the round table “Ordinary Nazism” in the LC.

The main gas pipeline (MGP) Nord stream-2 should provide bastnasite Russian gas deliveries to Germany in the amount of 55 billion m3/year of gas.

The construction of the pipeline was to be completed in late 2019, but the project was suspended due to U.S. sanctions, fearing which the project contractor Allseas has withdrawn their vessels from the project.

Currently, Gazprom is preparing to resume construction work with the help of Russian pipe-laying vessel Akademik Chersky, and in preparing the US extended sanctions against the project.

On the background of the situation with A. Navalny, who, according to the Bundestag, poisoned combat substance Beginner, a number of German politicians have also called for restrictions against the project.

However, the German government has repeatedly spoken out in favor of the construction of the pipeline, despite the difficulties in relations with Russia.

October 17, 2020, the German foreign Minister expressed confidence that the IHP Nord stream-2 will be completed.

The need for the project Nord stream-2 also noted that the Eastern Committee of German economy (OAOEV).

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