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In October 2020, will be completed gasification of farm Solonetskogo Rostov region

Rostov-on-don, 16 Okt – news Agency Neftegaz.RU. After completion of the gasification gas to be able to connect with 570.
This was announced by the government of the Rostov region.

To complete the gasification and ahead of schedule to begin adding households instructed the Governor of Rostov region V. Golubev during the interactive citizens ‘ reception in June 2020.

Currently, according to the district administration, the gas distribution network to the hamlet built.

There is paperwork.

Connection fully ready 14 households.

Another 200 houses can be connected at any time.

We will remind, during an interactive reception to the head of the region addressed 1 of them residents of the village of Solonetskogo with a request to speed up the gasification of the village.

Live in the village of 570 people, mainly pensioners.

It was planned that the connected households will begin in November 2020.

Vasily Golubev instructed this process as quickly as possible.

In 2005-2019. the level of investment in development of gasification of the Rostov region exceeded $ 7,76 bn, completed the construction of 56 projects with a total length of about 1144 km.

The gasification level in the Rostov region reached nearly 88.5 per cent, which greatly exceeds the national average level (70,1%).

In 2020, Gazprom plans to invest in the Rostov region of about 1.5 billion rubles.

Currently under construction of 8 objects of gas supply and gasification and for 21 facilities are design work.

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