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Friday, July 30, 2021

In 2021, Belarus expects to purchase the bulk of its oil from Russia

At the same time, Belarus will keep the alternative supplies of oil.

Minsk, November 3 – IA Neftegaz.RU. Belarus in 2021 will purchase most of the oil in Russia with the supply through the main pipeline (MNP) Friendship.
This was stated by Prime Minister of Belarus R. Golovchenko.

Abstracts R. Golovchenko:

  • as for alternative oil supplies in 2020, they will also be used in 2021;
  • but of course, most of the oil we will buy pipeline transport of the Russian Federation;
  • at the same time, will certain parties to buy some oil;
  • alternative delivery, i.e., interesting for the Belarusian oil refineries (refinery) to try different varieties in order to, perhaps, increase the output of light oil products;
  • the annual volume of Russian oil deliveries to Belarusian refineries is estimated from 18 million tonnes to 24 million tonnes, Which is the amount delivered depends on the capabilities of our enterprises for their technical processing, from the situation which will emerge in the oil market.

Currently, Belarus diversifitsirovat the supply of oil to 2 of its refinery on the background of periodic price differences with major and traditional supplier – Russia.
Oil is delivered by sea through the ports of Klaipeda and Odessa.
Since the beginning of the 2020 Belarus bought oil from Azerbaijan, Norway, Saudi Arabia and the United States.
However, the main alternative source of oil supplies for Belarus was Azerbaijan, which, however, promised to deliver by 2020 up to 1 million t
Oil from Saudi Arabia and Norway was too expensive, while the United States has suspended deliveries due to mass unrest after the presidential elections in Belarus.

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