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How to maintain a professional image for your home business

How can you project an image that reflects professionalism and commitment? Whether looking for a job, partners, investors, allies and clients, what you project before them will be key to generating a good first impression and being rewarded with their preference.

A few days ago I shared 15 tips to improve your professional image in the office and many doubts arose, among which stands out if this concept is the same as a photo, physical beauty or the way we dress, do our hair or make up. In reality it is a much broader and enriching concept.

The professional image , also known as executive, has become more relevant both due to the competitive labor market and the industries in which many companies participate. Víctor Gordoa , founder of the College of Public Image defines it as the perception of a person or institution by its target groups as a result of the performance of their professional activity.

Among the advantages of the professional image are the power to make yourself known more effectively, differentiate yourself from the competition, be more easily identifiable and communicate your advantages and the advantages of your business more easily in front of those who have not worked on it.

Whether we like it or not, we will always project a professional image, even when we consider that we are not doing anything outstanding for it. Each of us projects a concept of ourselves to our social groups such as family, partner, co-workers and neighbors, although it will not always be the same. Once you are aware of that, you can work on it consistently and rationally.

According to experts such as Professor Jesús Meza from Tecnológico de Monterrey, there are key aspects such as verbal and non-verbal communication, body language and clothing that influence this perception. He identified five aspects that we can work on on a daily basis to build and project a successful professional image. Here I tell you what they are.

1. Identity

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