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How To Know What To Look For In A Web Hosting in 2020

If you have reached this article, it is likely that you are somewhat lost in the wonderful universe of web page hosting , you have doubts about what type of hosting  you want to hire or you are even looking for a new accommodation different from the one you currently have.

If you are a person who is dedicated to digital marketing, you are an entrepreneur or you have a digital project in mind, it is possible that you do not have deep knowledge about web development and design . Although with the Internet it seems that we know how to do everything, it is a rather complicated sector. In this sense, knowing in depth what an accommodation consists of and being clear about which one you need is not that simple.

This article aims to be a guide that clarifies all the doubts in this regard, from the most basic points to more complicated and difficult to understand concepts.

What is a hosting?

All the elements that you see on a web page are files that must be stored somewhere to be visible. As with the documents that you have stored on your computer, a web page requires a storage system. An accommodation or hosting is the service that provides Internet users with the system that allows to store information, photographs, videos and all the contents accessible through a web page.

That is, a hosting is the virtual place that occupies a page, a website, a system, an email, files … etc. This storage system requires having a machine connected to the Internet with a bandwidth much higher than the one you have at home, that is, a server. This must be operational 24 hours a day on 7 days a week.

Where to get a web hosting?

So, you may ask yourself, “If I want to create a page, do I need a host?” Clear. A web page or an online store must always be active for any user, anywhere in the world and at any time -unless it is in maintenance, down or other special cases-. In this case, you need a hosting for your website.

“And do I have to buy it?” As I said before, the hosting works thanks to a web server and this must be powerful enough. So much so that it is not logical to have it in a house, in addition to being a very expensive option.

Thus, the correct thing to do is rent a hosting service through a company dedicated to providing web page hosting. These companies store their clients’ websites within a Data Processing Center, that is, a fully formed and complete infrastructure with all the necessary power and technical aspects.

These companies offer different services and hostings with characteristics that adapt to the needs of each person.

Main aspects of a hosting service

Before going to know in detail what the different types of hosting are, it is interesting to know what the main characteristics of a web hosting are. Why? Hosting rental companies offer different options to hire based on these characteristics and the price varies depending on them.

How to choose the best hosting or the most suitable hosting provider? You can take a look at the following features to see what you need.

  • Disc space

The space of the web server that the web page in question has. It depends on the number of files; if it is a dynamic or static web.

  • Monthly transfer

The amount of information that users can download per month. The more space files occupy on a website, the more monthly transfer is required. The same happens if the web has a very high volume of web traffic.

  • E-mail accounts

The web hosting service offers a number of email accounts with the domain name of the web. They are useful for the communication of the project.

  • Number and types of databases

The database is an essential element for the creation of a web page. Hosting services can offer one type or another such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB … etc. Thus, it is interesting to check how many databases can be created in the same hosting plan since they determine the number of websites that can be hosted simultaneously.

  • Support

A customer service offered by the company itself to solve problems with the website via email or telephone.

  • Place

The site where the hosting is hosted influences the optimization of the web page and therefore is its subsequent search engine positioning . For this reason, it is interesting to check the place and bet on a national provider.

  • Security

It is very easy to hack or enter a web page if you do not have the necessary security, especially if it is on a shared hosting since if a page within that hosting becomes infected, the problem can also affect others. Therefore, a hosting must provide the necessary security to prevent any problem of this type from occurring or to offer a solution to this situation. I am referring to an automatic backup system to restore the web page to the previous state in the event of a disaster.

Types of Hosting or web hosting

  • Shared Hosting

It is the most common web hosting among “ordinary” users. In other words, for those who want to set up their own online store, a personal project or a compositional website. Shared hosting is one that grants space on a web server that is shared with other users.

This hosting, is its lowest version, it can support at least 1,000 visits per day, although in some cases higher figures may occur. This type of hosting usually has a price between 5 to 8 euros per month. However, costs can be found above and below this numerical data.

  • Free hosting

More than a type, it is a special web hosting due to its free attribute. It has the same characteristics as shared hosting, but with less capacity and without the possibility of expanding. It can be interesting for small websites or personal blogs without a large number of files.

There are different companies that offer web page hosting services for free and each of them chooses what the condition is. That is, some companies ask for items in exchange or include advertisements and advertising banners .

  • Virtual server VPS

It is a private web hosting using a physical server divided into several virtual machines. In this case the hardware is shared but a virtual VPD server offers resources that are not shared with other users and guarantees greater power. In turn, the management of this hosting is somewhat more complex than the shared one and its price is usually around 15 euros per month.

  • Dedicated server

It is a server with resources for the exclusive use of a single person who can control from bandwidth to disk space. This type of server is aimed at a website that has a high volume of traffic per month or that requires higher resources than those offered by shared hosting.

It is the most powerful option of all and only necessary when it is a web page with thousands of visits per day. The cost of a dedicated server can start at 120 euros per month.

  • Specialized hosting

More than a type of web hosting, it is a kind of hosting service. It has been a response to the popularity of certain content managers such as WordPress,  Prestashop or Magento to offer the most adapted option possible to these needs. That is, it is a shared hosting but it includes technical support to guarantee the correct operation of the CMS .

Among its support advantages are the initial installation, maintenance and security of the CMS; review of plugins or help with web optimization. The cost of this type of accommodation is usually higher than the shared one since it has more services.

  • Cloud hosting

This type of web page hosting is relatively new and consists of an evolution of traditional hosting that uses cloud technology to distribute the service among several physical machines. This hosting provides security and great flexibility for growth, that is, scalability.

What are the best Hosting?

  • Professional WordPress Hosting from WebEmpresa

Spanish company that offers web page hosting for WordPress or other CMS. Its features include high speed (thanks to servers with SSD Disks and Magic Cache), security (thanks to the custom Anti-Hacking rules for WordPress, Joomla and PrestaShop).

Its Premium plan guarantees 99.9% uptime, free SSL certificate , unlimited WordPress installations, maximum speed SSDs, image optimizer, 24/7 user support and anti-hacking protection. The annual fee for this hosting service is 160 euros.

  • Hosting Clud Premium from Ecohosting.cl

A Latin American web page hosting service option. It boasts very low prices and perfect customer service. Among its hosting options, we highlight that of cloud hosting.

The Premium Cloud Hosting option offers 7 GB of storage and unlimited transfers. In addition to an additional domain for 110 euros per year.

  • Hostinger Premium Plan

It is sold as the cheapest web hosting in Spain and offers a free domain; Unlimited disk and bandwidth and live customer support. It is a Lithuanian company, but it serves everyone. In addition, they provide free SSL certificates within the Business plans.

Its Premium plan offers totally unlimited disk space, bandwidth, databases, emails and numbers of websites for 36 euros per year.

  • 1 & 1 Unlimited Plus

1 & 1 offers a perfect hosting plan for one or several large web projects thanks to unlimited web space, web pages and databases. In addition to having several free domain registrations, this company offers the scalable option when the hosting is too small for the project. They have a high level of speed and security. All this for 105 euros a year.

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