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Happy Bam Brings Users to The Heyday of Vibrating Devices

Chuncheon, Gangwon (January 08, 2023) – There has never been a time when the world of 성인용품 adult products has been more welcoming, inclusive, and destigmatized, providing fresh opportunities for women and other oppressed identities to explore their sexualities. In principle, at least, that is what ought to be taking place.

The male-dominated business has undergone a change in recent years thanks to a surge of feminist sex tech startups like Happy Bam, which redefined toys as a component of sexual wellness rather than an unlawful perversion. Companies like Happy Bam pushed us into a new era of pleasure tech with their ground-breaking goods designed for a larger variety of bodies, shame-free messaging, gloriously empowering design, and anti-male gaze marketing.

We’re in the midst of a kind of sex toy renaissance, a golden period, when we have access to so many extremely well-made and cutting-edge devices.

The tendency also doesn’t seem to be slowing down. According to a 2018 global market report by the 성인용품사이트 adult products site, the industry will grow to $35.5 billion by 2023. This growth can be attributed to the repositioning and rebranding, as well as to the public’s general increase in openness, desire for adventure and excitement, love of quirky products, and increased desire for experimentation.

In terms of culture, the stigma associated with sex toys is fading away every day. However, it hasn’t entirely vanished. According to the marketing manager of Happy Bam, “The embarrassment has diminished, but for some women, buying a gadget just for their personal sexual enjoyment is still a considerable jump. Many still believe they don’t deserve it or that it would be detrimental to their image as women.”

In fairness to us, it is challenging to overcome years, if not millennia, of internalized guilt from heteronormative patriarchal culture. Many of us might not even be entirely aware of the true source of our reluctance to try sex toys.

Participants in the Happy Bam Self-Pleasure Report survey were asked why they didn’t, and 49% of them responded with a range of anticipated concerns and embarrassment. 54 percent, however, simply stated that they did not believe they “needed” one. But it’s obvious that our ideas about who “needs” to (or gets to) feel pleased in the bedroom are not equal, as seen by the well-documented gender gap in orgasms in heterosexual intercourse.

“If you’ve never used sex toys before, one of the most frequent responses to the idea is, ‘Oh, those aren’t for me.’ At least, it was the participants’ original thinking before purchasing a vibrator and lubricant,” the marketing manager added.

It turns out that the fear of being labeled as a hypersexual woman still exists after years of slut walks-and the anti-slut-shaming campaign. It goes deeper than that, though, do not want to be one of “those” ladies who “needs” a sex toy. Furthermore, it all goes back to the long-held, antiquated (not to mention heteronormative) notion that a woman’s sexual awakening should take place with a male during sexual activity.

About Happy Bam

Almost all condom brands sold in Korea are carried by Happy Bam, and all variations of each brand are simply provided for customers to pick from. The website is simple to use and allows one to select their preferred brand, variations, and amount by simply selecting dropdown menus.

For more information, please visit https://happybam.com/ 

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