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Experts said that will continue after the weakening of the ruble

Photo: Nikolay Gyngazov/Global Look Press

The weakening of the ruble will stimulate the interest of Russians buying foreign currency. Euros and dollars in banks will not suffer, as it will create additional risks for credit institutions and they continue to keep demand low rates.

Dollar on 2 November for the first time since late March exceeded 80 rubles, Euro since the end of December 2014 — 94 rubles. Among cash currency the dollar will remain the most popular with the public, the issue will be only to the extent the Russians have available funds for conversion results the expert RIA Novosti PRIME.

Rates on foreign currency deposits in the banks are now at near-zero values, meaning to carry currency in the Bank no. Banks will keep rates at this level to balance the supply and demand for foreign currency deposits.

This situation is bad, experts say that part of the savings of the population will be excluded from the investment process. This reduces the potential for economic growth in the short term while you will not reverse the process of conversion of these savings into rubles.

Also, these dollars and euros, fueling a shadow economy that makes it difficult to fight her.

Earlier NEWS.ru reported that the ruble at the auction Mosberg rapidly moved down. As a result, the dollar showed the maximum value of the ruble over the past six months, and the Euro nearly six years. Experts explain the fall of the Russian currency by the exit of capital from Russian assets.

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