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Cumulative production of Rusvietpetro reached 28 million tons of oil

Naryan-Mar, 30 Oct – IA Neftegaz.RU. 29 Oct 2020 Rusvietpetro, a joint venture (JV) Zarubezhneft and Petrovietnam. produced the 28 millionth ton of oil since the beginning of exploitation of the Central khoreiver raising.
This was announced by Rusvietpetro.

Achieved the milestone confirms the company’s status as 1th of the most steadily developing oil and gas producing companies on the territory of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (NAO).

The team of Rusvietpetro once again confirms the ability to work in a team and successfully achieve your goals despite the threats existing realities and unstable period for the global economy and oil market.

The company traditionally maintains the dynamics of development and the desire to maximize the efficiency of their activities.

SP Rusvietpetro was established in 2007.

In 2010, Rusvietpetro launched its 1e field North Hosedayuskoe field.

In 2011 was launched on 2e – Vysove field.

October 2, 2020 at cluster No. 6 West Hosedayuskoe field them. D. Kadeckova of Rusvietpetro with record commercial speed has completed the drilling of well No. 3610.

Design the bottom of the well amounted to 3378 m.

Group of deposits of the Central part of khoreiver raising the right to development which belongs to Rusvietpetro divided into 4 blocks:

  • Block 1 includes one North-Hosedayuskoe oil field. A. Cream, which is located 120 km from Varandey terminal on the coast and 146 km from the Kharyaga field/ North Hosedayuskoe oil field was discovered in 1984, Belongs to the category medium, the recoverable oil reserves of C1 category are estimated at 22.1 million tonnes;
  • Block 2 combines Vysove and Verkhnesaldinskoe field. Vysove the field was discovered in 1989, is located 170 km from the development ardalinskoe field. Largest recoverable oil reserves of C1 category are medium-sized. Verkhnesaldinskoe field is located in 148 km from the Kharyaga, opened in 1986, the Field is small;
  • Block 3 entered West Hosedayuskoe, Cichoracki, Eastern Cichoracki and North Cichoracki oil fields. West Hosedayuskoe oil field. D. Kadeckova opened in 1988, is located in 126 km from the Kharyaga, is classified as medium. Cichoracki field is located 109 km from the Kharyaga, 1989 open, average. East Cichoracki field is located 128 km from the Kharyaga, opened in 1990, is classified as small. North Cichoracki the field is located 130 km from the Kharyaga, opened in 1990, is classified as medium;
  • Block 4 includes the North-Oshkotynskoye, Surrealisme, Pucacco, South Sargarinsko, Ubernerds, Eastern Anendance field. All deposits are located 100-140 km from the Kharyaga Deposit. North Oshkotynskoye the field was discovered in 1992, is classified as medium, Sargarinsko field in 1987, average. Pucacco the field was discovered in 1992, also applies to small. South Sargarinsko – 1988, small. The unit also includes Ubernerds field opened in 1988, and East Anendance field – 1991

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