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The standard provides an opportunity to build a Developer in the organization Operation and make only controlled changes in the business and its infrastructure. With the aim of understanding the essence of this standard formulated certain principles of Scrum.

1. People and interaction is more important than processes and tools.

2. Work is in small teams.

3. Evaluation of effectiveness is done at the team level and not a specific person.

4. Self.

5. After each iteration or sprint should receive a working product.

6. Standard Scrum prefer when you need simple, clear, absolutely logical tool.

Scrum approaches to the implementation of entrepreneurial projects are very popular in companies that develop different computer applications. Courses in conducting Scrum in educational IT centers and specialized organizations and education.

The body of knowledge concerning the management of business processes can dramatically change the view on the features of management processes. Presented evolving standard, in conjunction with automation, is a kind of revolution in the process of managing rapid change. BPM CBOK able to provide innovative the opportunity to optimize the interaction with the customers and suppliers, as well as specialists. There are several basic principles of the BPM CBOK.

1. It is not enough to improve processes, they need to convert.

2. To give the levers of the customers of the companies.

3. Need to do the processes of global and “human oriented”.

4. You need to apply big data.

5. The competency required to double the rates.

BPM CBOK uses only one database of terms and is able to provide a holistic approach to creation and management of business processes. Benchmarks prove the effectiveness of the implementation of BPM CBOK, fully logically justified. Courses BPM CBOK teach in specialized business schools and education centers that develop educational programs on the management of the project activities.

TheOpenGroupArchitectureFramework(TOGAF) provides an opportunity to assess the need to build infrastructure, and control of various changes occurring in it. The basic principle of TOGAF is that any activity should create new opportunities for the company, or to optimize the existing operation. The main purpose of TOGAF approaches is the creation of the value chain ValueChain. We are talking about holistic architectural tool used to create and support the infrastructure of the enterprise, it allows to take into account the current and future needs of the company.

TOGAF is used when creating a long-term plan of business development. This is quite a powerful tool which is indispensable for building a stable IT infrastructure companies. This ensures the continuity of the business. TOGAF approaches assist in stabilizing and improving the capitalization of the business. In the long run provided a great benefit for the company.

It should be noted that today the concept of TOGAF is rapidly gaining popularity. Courses for TOGAF is carried out in specialized educational centers IT and business focus, and in business schools.


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