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Connecting Over 481,958 People To God & Each Other

(Raleigh, North Carolina) Hailing from Baltimore Maryland, Lead Pastors, Reginald & Nikita Adams landed in Raleigh North Carolina only a few short months ago with a solid plan and fervent mission. To help people connect to God, to their purpose, and to each other.

“We are a down-to-earth kind of folk. We believe we are a representation of what Heaven looks like; a family where people of all races, backgrounds, and walks of life come together to worship,” says Adams. “That’s why we exist.”

Adams insists that following a vision God gave him he and his wife Nikita began to imagine church differently. Both Reginald and Nikita pride themselves on creating a culture where people are supported, dreams are realized and people are healed, and while on that path their journey has led to launching Connect Church Raleigh! Providing Apostolic teaching, leadership, and guidance for the church as a whole, and we invite you to be apart of a growing community of believers. Connect Church Raleigh has online services, community groups, and more on their website, https://www.connectchurchrtp.live. Adams adds, “Feel free to come as you are and join us as we worship and serve the Lord and connect together.”

Nikita desires to help heal the family relationship has the heart of a servant and giver inside and outside of the ministry. She is gifted in leadership and administration. And as senior pastor, Reginald provides Apostolic teaching, leadership, and guidance for the church as a whole.

Following a vision God gave me and my wife Nikita to re-imagine church differently. Adams says, “Our journey has led us to launch Connect Church Raleigh!”

Media Contact: Jessica Winston

Website: https://www.connectchurchrtp.live
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 919-896-2765

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