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Came out November issue Neftegaz.RU – news TEK on Neftegaz.RU

Dear readers! The new November issue of the journal Neftegaz.RU

2020 changed the situation on the world oil and gas markets. This has forced large companies and entire countries to revise long-term and current strategy. In particular, at issue was the appropriateness of developing offshore fields. On the pages of the November issue, our authors explore the main aspects of the offshore fields ‘ development in present conditions.

Offshore oil platforms, regardless of their technical characteristics and appearance should qualify as “installations and structures on the seabed”, to eliminate the possibility of installations and structures of the regime of the marine vessel and to grant the coastal state exclusive jurisdiction over such property. Read more about the analysis of international legal status of mobile offshore drilling units and fixed offshore platforms installed in the exclusive economic zone and on the continental shelf for exploration and production, read the article of the associate Professor of the Department of legal regulation of FEC, MGIMO MFA of Russia “offshore oil platform: status and jurisdiction”.

In light of the October decisions of the government affecting the taxation of fuel and energy companies, are particularly important for offshore and Arctic projects. About the features of taxation of projects of the Arctic shelf read in the analytic material of Deloitte.

To predict on the shelf it is necessary to have information about his holdings.

The marine branch of Rosgeolfond maintains a special Fund of geological information and data Bank primary and the interpreted geological data on the continental shelf, inland sea waters, territorial sea and adjacent land areas. On the state of knowledge of the resource base, read the article of experts of Rosgeolfond “Marine mineral resources in Russia”.

At the heart of this modern research are digital. The authors of the article “Arctic space of Russia and the fourth industrial revolution” has aimed represent the outlines of the Russian Arctic zone, based on advanced manufacturing, digital information and communication technologies taking into account features of development of the Arctic infrastructure complexes and systems.

Marine projects in the Northern latitudes have become one of the major challenges for all Arctic countries. About experience of development of gas resources of Norway, see the article scientist from MIEP MGIMO (University) of the MFA of the Russian Federation, devoted to the main components of the system of state regulation of development of oil and gas resources on the Norwegian continental shelf and their underlying principles, particularly about the direct involvement of the state in exploration, production and transportation of hydrocarbons.

Also, the room the issues raised provision of personnel capacity, secure energy supply in the Arctic, and alternative energy issues to improve the efficiency of oil and gas development. Our authors talked about the state of ice conditions East of the shelf, obtained using data from the acoustic profiling. Read more about the technologies, equipment, condition and prospects of development of oil and gas projects on the shelf, read the latest issue Neftegaz.RU.

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