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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Australia’s defense review outlines a shift from armored vehicles to missiles.

Australia’s geographic isolation can no longer protect it in the “missile age,” warns the country’s defense review, which proposes a shift from armored vehicles to missiles. The report recommends that the country’s defense forces should focus on longer-range strike capability with munitions produced domestically, switching from land-based armor.

The study comes amidst growing regional tension, particularly over China’s stance towards Taiwan, which it has vowed to take by force if necessary. The review recommends that Australia strengthen its northern defenses, acquire long-range anti-ship missiles for fighter aircraft and give the Australian Defence Force (ADF) greater operating ability from northern bases.

The ADF will also fast-track the acquisition of the land-based High Mobility Artillery Rocket system, which was used to great effect by Ukraine’s army to stem the Russian advance. The report suggests that to fund these new priorities, the government should shelve certain projects, such as new self-propelled guns and ammunition supply vehicles for the army. The report highlights the importance of keeping a “continuous shipbuilding capability in this country” and recommends acquiring long-range anti-ship missiles for fighter aircraft. The new US B-21 Raider stealth bomber is currently “not a suitable option.”

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