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10 of the most relevant energy-saving technologies for home | HiTech-News.ru

It is no secret that the energy that is used to ensure comfortable living conditions in the house, consumed quickly and often inefficiently. The largest consumption associated with space heating, air-conditioning, appliances, water heating, etc. If you take into consideration the crazy rhythm of life, visits to friends, family, consumption increases even more. But fortunately, there are ways that help to reduce the daily energy consumption is energy-saving technologies that are acceptable from an environmental point of view.

1. Heating and water use

If we talk about water, most of the energy costs is for heating. Install the heating system operating on solar batteries, and you will see the reduction in your energy costs. If you can’t afford solar panels, then install the column, which will heat only the water that you use.

2. Alternative energy sources

Wind and sun can be used not only industrial or commercial enterprises. Many companies today have wind generators or solar panels for individual households. Installing such a generator or a set of panels on the roof, you will save up to 50% of energy, despite its small size. If most of the energy is spent on heating and cooling, then you should install Windows with double glazing that will help keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Turning to the professionals, we get the obviously predictable result and effective solution within your problem.

3. Eco-friendly flooring

Speaking of flooring with bamboo, you can immediately guess that this is directly related to the environment. Bamboo is a very durable natural material which is resistant to moisture. But to truly become a follower of ecological approaches to save the tree, you can opt for composite materials made of recycled materials. They are based on recycled plastic. The surface is made of composite materials, looks natural and is suitable for both internal and external works. To confidently move towards greening and preserve nature, you can use concrete as flooring.

4. The greening of roofs

Solar panels are an attribute conservation technologies. It is very expensive in terms of installation, which quickly pays for itself. If you are more interested in the aesthetic side of the issue, it is possible to build a rooftop garden or a vegetable garden. On one hand, you cherish the outdoors, growing plants, and on the other save, as the green roof retains heat in winter and cools the room in summer.

5. Eco-friendly decor

Planning update home decor, you need to think not only about aesthetic appearance, but also how environmentally friendly are the materials used. For example, you can install a system for irrigation based on rainwater harvesting, it will help to save tap water that is used for irrigation. In addition, the system itself can be made of recycled plastic, and it itself can be used as the basis for growing plants. As decorative materials can use collected in the forest branches, cones and acorns is beautiful and cheap.

6. Smart devices

Speaking of smart devices, we mean technologies that control energy consumption and manage it. Such a system, for example, can turn off the lights when a person leaves the room, disconnect devices from the network, if some time not in use. It is not only environmentally friendly but also economical.

7. Water saving

If you have a garden or simply potted plants, then you need to install tanks for collecting rainwater. This simple method will allow you to save money and reduce the amount of accounts for payment of utility services for water supply. All that is necessary is to install in the courtyard of the barrel, which will be gradually filled with rainwater.

8. Alternative heating

In addition to solar panels, there are other ways to save money and not to harm the environment, heating the house. We are talking about a geothermal heat pump. This is not a cheap method, but the use of such apparatus will not only save money, but also care about the environment.

9. Saving water in the bathroom

Have you ever calculated how much water you use each time, pressing the button to drain the water in the toilet? It is a large number, which costs a lot of money just by flushing the toilet. Can reduce water consumption by plums in half, if you set the compact with the regulator of volume of drained water.

10. Control system and energy management

If you do not want to install the above mentioned device, just install a special system which itself will control the amount of energy consumed and volume of water. All information will be supplied to the computer, and the system will signal about what and where to change, as consumption increased.

Despite the fact that many of the methods are very simple, they significantly help to not only save money but also have a positive impact on the environment. Don’t worry that the installation of some of the proposed devices is very expensive, all costs will pay off very quickly.

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